120 ambulance patient drivers drunk driving through a red light three-car collision

The ambulance ran a red light, it is estimated that many people saw, and understandable--after all, saving the patient, time is of the essence. However, yesterday morning the ambulance ran a red light is on the other – and none of the patients, without hurry, driver had run a red light because he drank wine.
because of his reckless and caused a three-car collision. After the accident, the ambulance driver called the police.
driver Wang, 52, was an old driver, usually at the Xiaoshan hospital when the ambulance full-time driver. 11 o'clock the day before yesterday, King chef on duty, he has been in Office. It is understood that the hospital ambulance drivers master class and the Deputy on duty at night classes, master Wang under class. Under normal situations, night, Deputy class does not have a car. So the King master with peanuts, tofu, finished and cortex acanthopanacis in the 22 at the wine they brought from home.
but he did not expect, at 0 o'clock in the morning yesterday, total hospital telephone call from the car class, say a female patient is more urgent, let him to drive people to the province, woman doctor. Master Wang and think yourselves very well, usually can drink half a catty of liquor, just now, only 22, mind awake. Furthermore, late at night, less car traffic, and to the provincial women's distance is not far. After considering all this, Wang heads a hot, launched an ambulance carrying a woman went to the province of women. In order not to let the same car they found he had a drink, and Wang herself wearing masks.
ambulance sent to the provincial hospital for women, because the causes of illness, and gave him the second Hospital of Zhejiang medical. 1 o'clock in the morning, master chef Wang Xiaoshan, empty, from North to South from the qianjiangsanqiao to the turntable, is obviously a red light ahead, Wang just ran past. Hard red, ambulances drove the front and East to West to a Lexus sedan and a taxi crashed.
three-car collision is not very serious. Drunk master Wang first picked up the phone and called the police-he is not asked police to deal with his drinking and driving. Police analysis, it is estimated that he thought he was in the ambulance, and the warning light, red light right. In addition, he wears a mask, might think that the police do not suspect he drove while drunk. "When we arrived, ambulance drivers have issues with people arguing about who is right and who is wrong. "
to handle incidents of police, to the parties to understand the situation. "Frankly, we first did not think Wang drunk driving, his ambulance, think courage is not so big. "However, the police at close range and keep for a long time the questioning process, feel alcohol every memory revealed from the mask. Then, ordered Wang off his mask, received a breath alcohol test.
unexpectedly, master Wang blows, Alcohol Tester immediately issued an alert, indicating that he is suspected of drunk driving. Subsequently, Wang was taken to the hospital for blood tests – the investigation, his blood alcohol content was 0.72mg/mL, is drunk driving a motor vehicle.
yesterday, the traffic Police Department is legally drunk driving violations on master Wang buckle card for 6 months and fined 1000 Yuan, a 12 points penalty. Meanwhile, Wang also make the fire.
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